Saturday, March 2, 2013

Win a Free Ad!

Hi all

I've decided to revamp my blog and make it more interesting for my readers. Everything well nearly everything from my site has been revamped here. I added a Spot Light Ad to help those who want to generate more business to their site. ALong with some tutorials and freebie patterns. I'm still adding more goodies so you will be seeing more post from me as I add the goodies!

Not only did I redo my blog, I also joined Pinterest! Yes, I know I'm behind in the times but I'm catching up I just need those energy drinks to help me out! Now to the Free Ad, all I ask is for you to follow me and leave a comment before you leave. Of course the ones who already follow me (just leave a comment that you are a current follower).

Well I'm off to start researching and adding more goodies. Plus I've got to get our Spring Issue completed! Thanks for stopping in!